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'Stand beside us too...' RMSA discontinued staffs ask Tapan Chakraborty : Bonanza offers for 10,323 turning heavy upon Tripura Left Front Govt
TIWN May 19, 2017
'Stand beside us too...' RMSA discontinued staffs ask Tapan Chakraborty : Bonanza offers for 10,323 turning heavy upon Tripura Left Front Govt
PHOTO : RMSA discontinued staffs met Tapan Chakraborty. TIWN Pic May 19

AGARTALA, May 19 (TIWN): How many mouths can be shuttered down it's to be seen the attempts for securing 10,323 teachers' vote banks, is turning heavy upon CPI-M Govt. On Friday a group of discontinued RMSA workers met Tripura Education Minister Tapan Chkaraborty and sought reason behind their discontinuation. After 13000 posts created by Tripura State Govt, it has been cleared that there is no shortage of money in Education Dept which was gathered from the accounts of State Govt Employees since decades in the form of 4rth Pay Commission, Fixed salaries, cutting salaries from RMSA, SSA teachers etc. Now question raises, whereas Tripura Govt is capable for creating 13000 posts, then why it is unable to continue 150 RMSA staffs who lost their jobs years back.

Many protests these RMSA teachers held since years, but all remained without any action but now once again the voice of 7 lakhs unemployed youths and discontinued teachers raising high after the exclusive offer given by Tripura Govt to the 10,323 teachers indirectly. 

The resentment of deprived citizens increasing more high after witnessing the arrogance and 'strict of corruption' policy of Left Front Govt with 13000 posts recruitment procedure where Tripura Govt is openly illegally recruiting its favoured candidates. 

 Thus the RMSA staffs also felt it's important to remind the Education Minister that there are more suffered families who are still hoping that "Tripura Govt will be beside them too" !

Discontinuation of govt jobs has become a part of Tripura and due to the wrong recruitment policy the jobs of the youths have no guarantee here. On Oct 3, 2017 the discontinued RMSA teaching staffs met Tripura CM Manik Sarkar & urged him to take them back into job. But CM simply dumps all the blames on the Central Govt and told them, "This is totally a matter of the central Govt. and the state govt has nothing to do with that. Still I will look into the matter”.

Reportedly, the central government is sponsoring other states and are giving them regular pay structure by inducting them in education department, why such unfair treatment to the RMSA workers of Tripura. In neighbouring state Assam all temporary RMSA staff is regularized, whereas, state left government going against the tide have got them terminated.

Apart from that per RMSA, SSA teachers Govt is looting lakhs every year which are enough to re-appoint the teachers.



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