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NE Tripura’s illegal Ganja business at rise : police arrested only 1 person in last FY
TIWN April 29, 2017
NE Tripura’s illegal Ganja business at rise : police arrested only 1 person in last FY
PHOTO : Ganja recovered from Dharmanagar. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, April 29 (TIWN): Evenafter so many anti-cannabis laws, Ganja gardens’ abolishment, there is no fear among the illegal traders. The reason has been identified as lack of proper legal actions against the illegal ganja traders across Tripura. Tripura Police only arrested one person in last year 2016-17 whereas there are reports of 17,60,195 illegal Ganja plants abolishment. Lack of legal actions has not only raised question about ruling govt's goodwill to reduce illegal trades and clean Tripura from Ganja-addiction, but it has raised question upon the role of Police in it. However, to avoid increasing number of crimes, pending cases and to avoid hard works for FIRs no initiative has been taken against them. Vote-Bank; which is a huge matter for all the political parties has bound Tripura ruling govt to be silent in this issue. To get remark as a peaceful state, the govt has always avoided to take legal action against illegal business including Chit-Fund cases too. In the Govt Data it was said that the tendency of Ganja production has drastically increased in state eventhough Tripura Police is destroying Ganja Gardens years-wide.Raising the issue, opposition asked state govt what step has taken to reduce the number of illegal Ganja business?

 In reply state govt said that ganja plants are getting cut at the nurturing stage and also legal actions are taken again the illegal producers.

However, referring the number of arrested people under Ganja scandal state govt said that only 1 person was arrested by Tripura police. However, from January 1st 2016 to 31st January 2017 Police Force has destroyed 17,60,195 illegal ganja plants and some of them were seized. But the reason behind lack of legal action is yet unknown.

Despite regular raids conducted by the police, illegal cultivation ofganja (cannabis) has been on rise at Sonamura under Shipahijala district over past many days.

 While the police destroyed cannabis plantation, it is found that locals taking up such illegal cultivation as there is much income from Ganja cultivation.

 The police along with excise department officials keep on destroying such illegal cultivation in the district but the rise ganja cultivation is openly noticed at Sonamura and there is no intuitive by the authority to curb the cultivation.

 The ganja cultivation is mainly carried out in the hilly and inaccessible terrains.

 It is alleged that most of the ganja is grown in the bordering areas of Indo – Bangla border like Sonamura, Boxonagar and outskirts of Agartala. The cultivators even use power-tillers, fertilizers and irrigation facilities, resulting in high yielding bushes.  


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