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Manik making a blue print to merge Sudip Barman in BJP ? 5 MLAs to join BJP ? Team Sudip - now a frustrated camp
AmitabhaSengupta April 29, 2017
Manik making a blue print to merge Sudip Barman in BJP ? 5 MLAs to join BJP ? Team Sudip - now a frustrated camp
PHOTO : Sudip Barman with CM Manik Sarkar at IT Bhavan at Indranagar. TIWN Pic April 29

AGARTALA, April 29 (TIWN): In a most interesting way Tripura CM Manik Sarkar is encouraging his party workers to campaign his 'Honesty and Poor(?) ' image through social media. A top level source in the Melarmath revealed TIWN," Since 2003 this is probably toughest time for Chief Minister Manik Sarkar. With BJP's tactic to win all the assembly elections in the North-Eastern states, Nagaland and Tripura are the next targets after its success story in Assam and Manipur. The party will make every attempt to polarize the voters in Tripura in its favour cashing on Narendra Modi's popularity. And compare to Modi, Manik Sarkar's image is quite irrelevant. Even within the hardcore Left voters, especially among the youths Modi is hugely popular with Centre's new vision. As such CM Manik is now under tremendous pressure." It is a matter of concern that in recent months a large large number of anti)Left voters along with leaders are joining in BJP and this one sided merger is making its impact even on the CPI-M voters as well.

At present CPI-M Govt and its so-called 'Honest(?) ' CM is facing a lot of challenges from the people as the state is going through a phase of anarchism. Following issues are hitting the ruling party badly :-

1) Termination of 10323 teachers' jobs due to the arrogance of CM Manik by appointing teachers through gross violation of RTE guidelines

2) Fear of CBI investigation( likely to be a certain) in massive MGNREGA fund looting in every block

3) Resentment among the state govt employees due to Manik Sarkar led govt's  deprivation of Central Pay scale

4) Huge financial loss to common people due to Manik Sarkar govt's patronization to Chit fund companies

5) State govt's irregularities in almost all sectors leading to massive corruption.

  Capitalizing these issues BJP has certainly emerged as the main opposition in Tripura and to some extent Biplab-Sunil combination has got successful to give the people a belief that in 2018 assembly poll BJP will remove Manik led govt from power. The youths of Tripura are not showing any interest towards CPI-M party because of its anti-national stand . This is really worrying Team Manik.

  So far CPI-M has been successful to win back to back elections in Tripura lobbying with Tripura Congress especially with former CM Samir Ranjan Barman and Sudip Roy Barman. Even when Sudip joined TMC, political pundits predicted that it was nothing but a 'Secret game' between Sudip and Manik. And within a few months entire TMC unit of Tripura started to face the same situation as it existed in Congress when Sudip and his father were in charge of Congress. Team Sudip gripped the entire TMC party and being insulted and ignored TMC leaders started leaving the party and joined BJP including former Chairman Ratan Chakraborty and former President Surajit Datta.

  Now it is once again clear that TMC in Tripura is nothing but a Sudip Roy Barman's unit popularly termed as 'Barmanmool Congress' by state BJP President Biplab Deb and state BJP Observer Sunil Deodhar. At this stage Sudip is again trying to merge with BJP because his political career is now under dark clouds. And a highly placed source in Melarmath said ," Even Manik Sarkar is making his all hands active to make this happen because if Sudip joins BJP , CPI-M's reign in Tripura will remain unchallenged. The fact is that even within Sudip's team now a split is obvious as MLA's like BiswabandhuSen, DilipSarkar ,DibachandraHrangkhal and Pranajit Singha Roy are almost certain to join BJP because their supporters have already urged them to join BJP or else they will quit TMC. On the other hand former Leader of Opposition Ratan Lal Nath will also join BJP.

  BJP won't take any gamble including Sudip in its team especially going against Tripura unit's view. Even Sunil Deodhar , in a round about way , made it clear to the press," We will welcome all to the BJP except one." And RSS, which is the Mai foundation Durof BJP's strength, also against the so-called hype of Sudip's joining in media.  A highly placed source in the RSS state unit told TIWN ," RSS state unit has already sent its view to BJP national leaders like Amit Shah and Ram Madhav saying that Sudip Barman's joining will only leads split in the party and BJP's future too in 2018 assembly poll will be doomed ." RSS unit is learnt to have given details of a few instances before BJP national president Amit Shah regarding the negative attitude of Barman family that paved the way for CPI-Ms continuous domination such as:

1) During Samir Ranjan Barman's tenure as Chief Minister 249 police persons were terminated from their jobs in Rule 311. That incident created widespread resentment among the entire police persons against Barman & Co

2) Samir Barman's tenure as CM is still regarded as black days in Tripura due to hydra-heads of Congress sponsored Gundagiri, corruption,  killing, bloodshed, torture against women, political violence and break down of administrative machinery

3) In 2013 just before Assembly poll Sudip Barman's brother Sandip Roy Barman was arrested with a pistol from a brick field and  this incident gave huge mileage to CPI-M and Manik Sarkar

4) Again in recent months when all anti-Left voters were about to get united TMC workers(Sudip's lobby) got involved in a clash with BJP workers and state BJP Vice President was injured by TMC goons and that incident was politicalized by Barman family simply for its own interest as Sandip Barman was again inlvoled in that incident. Thus, all on a sudden BJP and TMC workers and supporters have started showing estrangement against each other.

     Now it is clear whenever Manik Sarkar and CPI-M are in trouble, it is the Barman family- be it Samir Ranjan Barman or Audio Roy Barman- comes out to its rescue. And now Manik Sarkar & Co are not leaving any stone unturned to pave way for Sudip Roy Barman's entry in BJP. Melarmath knows once Team Sudip enters in BJP , CPI-M won't have to remain worried as Barman & Co will once again act as CPI-Ms agent.

     Meanwhile, a top level BJP leader( unwilling to reveal identity) told this correspondent  on Tuesday," Even during the two day long state executives' meet in Dharmanagar all the state executives spoke strongly against the so-hyped merger of Sudip in BJP . And BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav had to assure the state leaders that all these are mere speculation. As a result just after Ram Madhav's departure from the state Sunil Deodhar briefed the media hinting that BJP won't accept Sudip Barman in the party." All on a sudden Sudip Roy Barman is facing the biggest political turmoil in his career because all the roads before him seem to be closed. More frustration awaits as Biswabandhu Sen, Pranajit Singha Roy,  Dilip Sarkar, DibachandraHrangkhal are most likely to join BJP , may be in September, leaving Barman camp. 

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