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‘BJP is now the Big Brother of all opposition parties in Tripura’ : Sudip Barman accepts Trinamool’s failure
TIWN April 29, 2017
‘BJP is now the Big Brother of all opposition parties in Tripura’ : Sudip Barman accepts Trinamool’s failure
PHOTO : Sudip Barman resigning from Congress to join Trinamool. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, April 29 (TIWN): “The leaders who left Trinamool didn’t join CPI-M, but in anti-left parties only which means the leaders want a change by any means”, said Sudip Barman on Friday giving another signal for his desire to join in BJP. “When we formed Trinamool leaving Congress, we wanted a change and to get rid of CPI-M, but due to some factors our party failed to some extent to emerge as the strongest opposition party in Tripura. But it’s also important to keep the Anti-left parties vote banks to join together. If the A-Bam (Anti-Left) vote bank spits then it will be impossible to make Tripura CPI-M free”, said Barman. “Now it’s upto BJP which has emerged as the strongest opposition in Tripura how they will deal with the anti-left vote banks”, said Barman. However, this not the first time that Barman talked for aligning with BJP, but even after BJP’s long silence about Barman’s welcoming in BJP Sudip Barman has been strict to join BJP although the reason is just yet unknown.

Eventhough BJP has declared clearly that without any help the party will come in power, but during the 1 day convention held at Agartala Townhall on April 5, TMC MLA Sudip Roy Barman said, "If the opposition party vote banks divide then CPI-M will get 60 seats out of 60".  Sudip Barman also said, “‘Unlike the BJP, we do not have such fund flow from centre”.

 ‘Trinamool would not like to do enmity against the oppositions but alliance will be better option than fighting among them. Fighting, clashes among oppositions will only benefit CPI-M’, said Barman.

However, question raises, why Barman is eager to join BJP when BJP is silent yet. Many alleged that Barman may work as Manik Sarkar’s spy in the party. Even BJP also wanted a ‘Barman-less Trinamool’ for alliance terming Barmans are the poisons to damage all parties.

It was on March 14  terming newly created Trinamool party as ‘Barman-mool’ and referring Congress led Barman families secret relation with Tripura CPI-M Chief Minister Manik Sarkar who are helping CPI-M to stay in power since 23 yrs, Tripura BJP State President Biplab Deb declared that BJP will no more think about aligning with Trinamool, as either Trinamool or Congress; Sudip Barman and his family members will keep on touch with CPI-M and work as an agent of CPI-M with the mask of opposition.

Political experts say that the clash among BJP and Trinamool on March 13 was actually a blessing for BJP's future.

Tripura’s two rival oppositions BJP and TMC came in clash when BJP as a part of political campaigning was putting flags before former CM Samir Barman’s house at Agartala Hariganga Basak Road. Samir Barman’s younger Sandip Roy Barman son asked BJP leaders not to put any flags over there, whereas Bordowali Mandal Committee member of BJP Jayanta Bhowmik refused to do so. Reportedly, Bhowmik was among those leaders who joined BJP from Trinamool along with Surajit Dutta.

After the  mayhem talking to the media, BJP State President Biplab Deb said on the next day, “Yesterday’s incident proves how the Barman families have been operating till day in the mask of opposition leader. Either in Congress Era or now staying in BJP, Sudip Barman acts always supporting CPI-M and the hidden hatred for BJP has come out through the incident. However, what happened it was good, as BJP will not align with CPI-M anymore. This newly made Trinamool is not actually Trinamool, but it’s Barman-Mool”.

Most importantly in the last press meet when  Central IT Minister Prem Prakash Chaudhury came in Tripura, Sunil Deodhar made it clear that the people who injured our friend Subal Bhowmik over his head we will never welcome them, giving a clear signal that BJP will never accept Sudip Barman.

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