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Central IT Minister’s ‘development mantra’ failed to educate IT illiterate CPI-M
TIWN April 28, 2017
Central IT Minister’s ‘development mantra’ failed to educate IT illiterate CPI-M
PHOTO : IT Bhawan inaugurated at Agartala Indranagar. TIWN Pic April 24

AGARTALA, April 28 (TIWN): ‘PPP model is bogus’, declared by Tripura CM Manik Sarkar earlier amidst much claims about to make Tripura as an IT hub. With the Central fund, eventhough Tripura Govt finally built some buildings for IT industries, but in reality there is no IT company yet. On the one hand the Govt says it is aspirant to convert Tripura as an IT hub, but on the other hand the Govt is against PPP model, that Public Private Partnership.

However, in a two day visit the Central IT Minister Prem Prakash Chaudhury not only expressed worries about the proper utilization of Central funds in Tripura, but the Minister clearly mentioned before Tripura Industry Minister Tapan Chakraborty that the utilization of state’s potentialities have not been in such a manner, which it ought to be. “Take a lesson from Nagaland and how they developed BPOs there and did proper utilization of funds. Lots of employment was generated with the initiative of Nagaland state govt”, the Minister added. “The battle of Nagalnd for software development was really praiseworthy”, said the Chaudhury continuously during his 2 day long visit in Tripura.

When Tripura Industry Minister Tapan Chakraborty was crying over funds the Central Minister asked him to take some initiatives by own. For Business process outsourcing (BPO), India has 48,300 seats, among which 5,000 seats are for Northeast. So utilize all the opportunities, with taking some special efforts by ownself. 

PPP & Contrast between Manik Sarkar’s Communist Policy : It’s worthy to mention here that The BPO is a collaborative effort of the Information Technology and Communication Department of the Govt of Nagaland and Infinity Informatic Private Ltd in public private partnership (PPP) mode and this was the largest BPO in Northeast. While inaugurating the BPO, Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar appealed to the Centre to give special consideration to the youth of northeast region. "Our youths are forward looking and not afraid to handle technology and gadgets." But it was in 2016 that Tripura CM rubbished the PPP Model, calling it’s a bogus policy, on the ending of 3 day long Industry Summit Experts ended by preferring Private Business Policy. However that was the one of the chief reasons why under Communist Era, instead of industrialization, empty buildings remained forever in wait of ‘bringing Industrialization’.

Why private companies will not show any interest here ?: The answer, because Tripura Govt will not invite. Tripura Govt wants to build industry without Engineers, it claims about E-Governance amidst poor paid engineers and Medical background IT Minister. Moreover, state CM himself doesn’t use a mobile phone and in this condition, Manik Sarkar have additionally warned the investors since ASSOCHAM’s time, ‘Industrialization should not break down the peace in Tripura as Industry and Capitalism are related’. The Govt representatives never visits IT companies outside, never invites them and if world class personalities arrive in state, the state govt doesn’t call them even for a cup of tea, because of ‘politics’, ‘relation’ etc. etc. However,

IT vision sidelining Engineers: Many engineers are seen in Tripura working in banks and maximum outside the state. The Engineers have been banished from Tripura’s various developmental project works and without expert engineers advices the Govt is planning its IT vision. The 12th Passed PWD Minister  who is also holding the chair also as the Health Minister dislikes to take advises from the Governor also, eventhough Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy was a professional engineer. In this condition how IT will grow in Tripura it’s under doubt.  It has been reported that whereas joining at the same year the Doctors have been promoted as A-class officer, but the Engineers are kept without promotion. Many engineers passes their whole lives without getting the deserve post to their degrees. Eventhough the banks also prefer the engineers for their betterment, but the CPI-M Govt has led the engineers to keep below the posts revenue inspection and Panchayat Extension officer---- whose job begins with 2 steps below than Engineers. 

However, some subsidies have been offered for IT companies in state with free power connection, free internet etc. But question, which once NITI Aayog member BibekDebory asked Manik Sarkar was when his CS was slamming ASSOCHAM for not looking back in Tripura after it held a conclave : “Is your roads, facilities all are really on the practical ground ? If not, why people will invest here “?

Same, question raises again what is means by free power connection when for 12 hours states various subdivisions remain undergo power cut ? Funds for Highways sanctioned long back and the double lane project which was to end on June month, 2017, has not even completed 50 % yet due to the pathetic road condition the monsoon has turned night mares for the regular passengers, forget about Industrialists. 

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