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Manik Govt’s arrogance insults democracy’s pillars : IAS /TCS officers ashamed after Lichubagan incident, DM’s office seize a black mark on CPI-M’s dark era
TIWN April 28, 2017
Manik Govt’s arrogance insults democracy’s pillars : IAS /TCS officers ashamed after Lichubagan incident, DM’s office seize a black mark on CPI-M’s dark era
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar, Pic 2 (bottom) : Officials visit DM Office. TIWN Pics

AGARTALA, April 28 (TIWN): The trend of arrogance led by Tripura Left front Govt even against the Court’s order has resulted in massive insults for IAS, TCS officers of the state. The Lichubagan incident which led the Court officials to take attempts to seize DM Office furniture not only created panic in DM Office, but after disclosing the matter before media the injuries of insult have ashamed the District Magistrate’s honour. But the incident didn’t happen all of a sudden but notice was given on Wednesday night about the action to be taken on Thursday if the amount is not clear. Earlier also such attempts were taken as per the Court’s order but the victim party kept the incident hidden but on Thursday it revealed before media. Tripura Govt could easily pay the 6 lakhs of pending amount to the party, but showing arrogance it kept on delaying the issue, same it did with other SC’s orders as Jute Mill case, HC’s order in hawkers issues.

 Earlier the Lichubagan case that Govt had occupied the land to build an Army HQ in the year 1983 at Lechubagan with value addition of that time. 

The land belonged to Maharaj Kumar Sahadev Bikram Kishore Debbarma, S/ O- Lt. Bir Bikram Kishore ManikyaBahdur and the case 2 times raised at High Court and 1 time at Supreme Court, but after 34 years of passage the Govt is unable to clear the dues that resulted heavy insult to the present District Magistrate.

The Lawyer Rakhalraj Dutta said that DM MillindRamtake had escaped from the door behind and SDM came to control the situation. Question raises, who is responsible for the injuries of insults done to the officers ? This is also a lesson for the IAS Officers for playing the role of silent spectator to country’s issues. If all TCS/ TPS and IAS Officers stand together to play the role, then political pressure would not hit them in such a manner.

Either party boot licker GSG Aayaangar, S K Panda are not only a surprise to democracy but they have kept the democratic pillars handicapped forever.

Tripura Govt developed another practice to insult the Supreme Court publicly. In 10,323 teachers case Bijan Dhar said the court’s decision was ‘inhuman’ and Dhar next confirmed that in state committee meeting also the judgment was considered as inhuman. Manik Sarkar called the decision as ‘unexpected’ and Badal Choudhury said that judges are politically biased.

This is the mentality of Tripura Govt that led the DM of West Dist to be insulted before his staffs.

Lawyer Rakhalraj Dutta also said that Central Govt had cleared the dues on that time of land purchasing, but the dues and land value additions were created by the state govt. ‘Obviously the state govt is responsible for this issue pending since 1983, not the Central Govt’, Dutta told TIWN. 

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