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World Earth Day goes cold in Tripura
TIWN April 22, 2017
World Earth Day goes cold in Tripura

AGARTALA, April 22 (TIWN): The World Earth Day—whereas people across the country participated in events to mark the first Earth Day, NE state Tripura stayed rather reluctant to celebrate occasion, when it’s Sunday.

It’s believed that among all the planets the Earth is the luckiest as it has lives inside. However, public’s duty is to keep save it from daily pollutions.

But state Tripura which was once known for its heavenly weather, presently suffering a lot due to its enormous environmental changes, acting like a threat for the eco-system here.

It’s believed that the Sun with its family of eight planets ––make our galaxy, the Milky Way; but of all the planets the Earth turned out to be the luckiest. This is because it is the only planet where life became possible, at least far as our knowledge goes. Life in its most beautiful forms developed here, be it humans, animals, plants or marine life.

The world now marks the Earth Day to make the human race to realize the importance of the Mother Earth.


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