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Udaipur : ATM Ransacked within 50 meter distance of R.K. Pur Police Station; no clue discovered
Udaipur : ATM Ransacked within 50 meter distance of R.K. Pur Police Station; no clue discovered

UDAIPUR,June 22(TIWN) : The security of Udaipur town has once again come under serious threat as the State Bank of India's ATM counter installed in New Town Road, within 50 meter distance from Radhakishorepur Police Station has been ransacked by some unidentified robbers at dead of Saturday night. Even after 12 hours of this incident police is in complete darkness about the said incident.

Though the incident took place on Saturday night,   police arrived to the place of occurrence at 11am on Sunday.

 It is suspected that taking the advantage of heavy rain fall the robbers might have entered the ATM in order to steal money. But finding no clue they ransacked the ATM machine and broken the front part of the locker with spade and other heavy iron instruments. It is however, not confirmed whether the robbers succeeded to steal the money or not. But from the methods of operation it is evident that the robbers were aware of the fact that they could be picturised in the CCTV installed in the ATM booth. As such they completely damaged the CCTV camera.

At 12 noon SP Gomati Thirungana Sambandhana S, ADSL SP Gomati Tapan Debbarma, SDPO Udaipur Ratan Lal Das and OC R.K.Pur PS Kanti Lal Baidya reached the spot. After the preliminary investigation SDPO Ratan Lal Das told TIWN," We have been informed by the State Bank of India authorities to look into the matter. Accordingly we came here with the finger print expert Subiresh Malakar. At the same time we will closely monitor the CCTV footage. We are hopeful that very soon the culprits will be under the grip of police."

ATM Engineer SBI Udaipur Alak Pal told TIWN," Robbers damaged the CCTV camera, the Money Dispenser shutter and the Front Locker of the ATM (the part where customers press buttons while withdrawing money). However, the robbers failed in their attempts to steal money."

Angry with the incident local people complained that police are busy in harassing the common people in the name of checking the documents of bikers and to see whether they wear full mask ISI marked helmets or not. But in the spheres of providing secured atmosphere R K Pur police is in deep sleep. Only a few months before a terrible burglary occurred in Swarnadeep Jewellery, adjacent to the boundary wall of R K Pur Police Station. Till the police are yet to detect the culprits on that incident.    


Ransacked ATM in Udaipur. TIWN Pic June 22

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