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Udaipur : Health Minister conducts Malaria review meeting in Udaipur
Udaipur : Health Minister conducts Malaria review meeting in Udaipur
PHOTO : Badal Choudhury holding the review meeting in the Udaipur Circuit House ,Udaipur. TIWN Pic June 20

UDAIPUR, June 20 (TIWN): In order to finalize the strategies to combat the increasing number of malaria infection ( FP+ve ) Health Minister Badal Choudhury conducted a district level review meeting with the administrative and health officials of Gomati District on Friday.

The meeting was held in the Circuit House in Dak Banglow Road, Udaipur. Among others who were present in the meeting includes DWS Minister Ratan Bhowmik, Director of Health & Family Welfare Dr Kanu Lal Bhowmik,  CMO Gomati Dr N M Jamatia, Medical Superintendent of Tripura Sundari Hospital  Dr Debasish Roy, all SDMOs, MOICs of all PHCs, ADM Gomati L T Darlong, SDMs of Udaipur, Amarpur and Karbook.  It is to be mentioned here that on Tuesday Chief Medical Officer(CMO) Gomati Dr N M Jamatia visited the malaria affected areas in Karbook, Silachhari and Amarpur along with the ADM Gomati L T Darlong and briefed the media that around 78 people are infected with FP+ve virus in Gomati District; though according to TIWN sources in CMO Office the number of infected people has already crossed 200 mark. The meeting started at 10.30am and continued upto 2.30pm. Interestingly SDMO Udaipur Dr Bishnu Dey remained absent in this crucial meeting (alleged to be indulged in private practice at that time). Generally journalists are not allowed to remain present in review meeting but Health Minister urged all journalist s to remain present for a clear view of the present situation.

      Speaking to the media persons during a press conference Health Minister Badal Choudhury said,"All SDMs and BDOs have been instructed to arrange vehicles and staffs so that health workers can go door to door visit in order to collect blood for testing. The situation is very bad in Karbook and then comes Udaipur as far as Malaria infection is concerned." Badal Choudhury categorically mentioned ,"Since I have assumed the charge as Health Minister I have found that in most of the hospitals toilets are very dirty and as such I have instructed the PWD officials to improve the condition of toilets in all hospitals." He pointed out that there are no lack of funds in the health department. Badal Chiudhury appreciated the health workers of Karbook PHC stating that even deliveries are now being done in this PHC, thanks to the health workers. However, Badal Choudhury asked DWS Minister Ratan Bhowmik to take initiatives for providing drinking water facilities in Karbook hospital. Accordingly, Ratan Bhowmik instructed the Executive Engineer DWS to provide the same within 48 hours saying that he will make an inspection visit to the Karbook Hospital on 23rd this month.

     Speaking to the press,  Badal Choudhury said," Superstition and lack of awareness are the major obstacles in fighting against Malaria. In Gandachhera, many people took the malaria patients away from the hospitals. The children below the age group of 10 are most vulnerable to Malaria. 75% deaths have occured among this age group due to malaria." He instructed the administration to take strict measures in bringing the affected people to hospitals ;if needed using force to give medical assistance. The minister said that the MLAs and other representatives should assist the hospitals. Badal Choudhury said that in every TSR camp -  two jawans will be given training so that they can provide preliminary aids. It is reported that 12 TSR jawans died due to recent malaria attack.

      Meanwhile Badal Choudhury said that in some cases,  some health workers have found guilty of negligence of duties in combating malaria epidemic. Action will be taken against them once the reports are submitted. The media persons attracted the attention of the minister stating that reports have come that health workers are spraying DDT which have gone out their expiry dates. The minister at once instructed that District Health officials to investigate the matter.


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