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12 hrs strike will be observed in Tripura : Manik Sarkar
TIWN Nov 27, 2016
12 hrs strike will be observed in Tripura : Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : CM Manik Sarkar delivering speech at Muktadhara. TIWN Pic Nov 27

AGARTALA, Nov 27 (TIWN): The CPI-M Chief Minister of Tripura supporting the 12 hrs strike said at Muktadhara that Tripura and few other states will strictly observe the strike on Monday, as a part of protesting against ‘demonetization’.

Although the decision was taken by the ruling party of Tripura, but the CM behalf of the party announced that strike will be a ‘grand success’.

However, on the other hand Tripura BJP said to circulate picketing against the strike and also aware the people not to follow the strike. But, opposition Trinamool also supported the 12 hrs strike.

Sighting an example Sarkar said, ‘The 2nd Sept has become a remarkable day for Marxists, as day by day the supporters of the strike are increasing’.

CM further highly criticized the central govt for its step against ‘Black-Money’ which according to him just creating ‘Chaos’ in the country and no black money will be returned from it.


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