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Getting money back becoming ‘dream’ for Rose Valley investors, TMC says CBI is biased in case of Tripura : ‘We have no issue if CBI inquiry is held’, CPI-M Minister, former Rose valley agent Bijita Nath talks to TIWN
TIWN Nov 26, 2016

AGARTALA, Nov 26 (TIWN): Getting back the invested money means a lot for the poor people, who poured their whole savings in a chit fund named Rose Valley; thanks goes to the highly intellectual Ministry of Tripura who sheltered the Rose Valley in Tripura. It was not only that Tripura Chief Minister inaugurated the Rose Valley, but his one of the cabinet Ministers Bijita Nath and her brother were also members of Rose Valley. A victim told TIWN that the agents under Rose Valley’s luxury in a very fast way, became rich suddenly here, but the poor people lost their whole savings. in Rose Valley. Talking to Bijita Nath, she said, ‘We have no problem is CBI inquiry is held and already many investigations were held in this case. The refunding issue to the depositors are taking cared by the Finance Dept’.

On the other hand TMC said that CBI is biased and due to the mutuality of the Tripura ruling party with Centre, the CBI is not interfering here. ‘If at West Bengal political leaders can be arrested with CBI inquiry why in Tripura CBI is not showing interest?’, a West Bengal Trinamool leader Shilabhadra Dutta recently during his  visit in Tripura ahead of bi-election. ‘It’s true that at West Bengal TMC leaders have been arrested in chit fund scam and CPI-M is propagating that event till day, but what about that Golden history of Tripura Chief Minister becoming the ambassador of Rose Valley Chit fund group and sharing dais with the owners of Rose valley?’, said Dutta.

It’s worthy to mention here that  Tripura’s another Minister Badal Chowdhury in a mass-gathering told people, not to invest their hard-earned money without judging the Company, but Chief Minister surprisingly didn’t feel anything like Minister Badal Choudhury, resulting crores of deprivations to Tripura people. Bijan Dhar also said on that time that it’s better to keep away from Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC).

Record says Sarkar had attended seven programmes of NBFCs.

 CBI at West Bengal’s didn’t bothered to send ruling party Leaders like Madan Mitra into jail for 21 months. But under Manik Sarkar’s era, CBI inquiry is just getting delayed. If Manik Sarkar was wise enough & so called poor people’s leader, then why he didn’t raise any voice against Rose Valley Chit fund, which was the highest ever chit fund in the whole country.

Already under Tripura Police and SIT the investigation has been unsatisfactory, but CPI-M Ministers anyhow trying to end the Rose Valleyissue in Tripura, which was one of the most shameful incident under Communist Era.

Tripura police’s loose investigation, SIT’s unsatisfactory performance have already ended the case.

Although Minister Bijita Nath has declined to having any link with Rose Valley, but people know under which Govt. that multicrore-scam was held. Naturally, going to that NBFC inauguration programme, CM directly advertized the Company which highly helped in Chit-fund promotion in Tripura among the poor people. 


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