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IDBI bank donates Tripura Sports Dept. for Tripura Gymnasts' better future : Sahid Chowdhury gets space to slam centre with 'Fund' issues
TIWN Nov 24, 2016
IDBI bank donates Tripura Sports Dept. for Tripura Gymnasts' better future : Sahid Chowdhury gets space to slam centre with 'Fund' issues
PHOTO : IDBI Bank & Directorate of youth affairs & Sports organised felicitation programme at DDSC. TIWN Pic Nov 24

AGARTALA, Nov 24 (TIWN): Whereas outsiders are donating for Tripura sports dept. but due to massive corruptions in Sports Dept, Tripura Sports culture remained backward evenafter having much talents in the state. Along with felicitating the Gymnast girl Dipa Karmakar and his coach Bisweshar Nandi, IDBI Bank also donated funds to Tripura Sports Dept. to buy various equipment for gymnasts here so that they can practice well, which gave Sahid Chowdhury to criticize the central govt for depriving Tripura regarding fund for issued, whether in the name TCA and other sports, Tripura officials are looting lakhs in every district. Tripura sports dept which was recently handed over to a rapist like Panna Ahmed, shows Tripura Govt's full irresponsible attitude in the name of sports culture development and this is the reason that players from basketball, football and swimmers are depriving since decades under the long rule of CPI-M here.

Although Tripura cabinet’s sport department is leading by sport Minister Shahid Chowdhury, but it seems that his presence is just for name-sake.Dipa Karmakar who has recently became 4rth in Rio Olympic, was welcomed with flowers and many programmes were organized for show off at Astabol field, when she sat beside the Chief Minister and shared dais. But question arises, what has Tripura Govt. done before she became popular ? 

Moreover others states had donated her lakhs but Tripura govt didn’t give her a penny.There are also other achievers whom the state has forgotten and never highlighted them although they achieved a lot in sports world. 

Tripura Women Football Team left for Delhi like orphan without any “Blessing” of Sports Minister on Sep 14 and probably Sahid Chowdhury didn’t bothered much for them. TIWN did survey on the sports scenario in Tripura.

 Question raised……How many remembered Ganesh Naha?? , an International Swimmer of India, having 10(ten) years of professional swimming and coaching experiences in National and International level, is a pride of Tripura. The man from Udaipur, South Tripura got success to cross English Channel in the year 1998 and the Gulf of Torrunous in 1999. He took 15 hours 17 minutes to cross the channel on England to France route. He just achieved a govt. job here in Tripura and then forgotten. 

Anybody knows about Tripura’s basketball team who couldn’t also achieve prizes at Vashi for Tripura Govt.’s neglligencey…? 

"We have come a long way," Ali (Basketball head from Tripura) lamented, both of Tripura's journey into a competent basketball team and the team's actual journey to travel around 2,000 kilometers across most of India's wide breath to reach down to Vashi. The team left their capital of Agartala for a 24-hour bus journey up to Guwahati, Assam. From there,they embarked on an epic 48-hour train journey to Mumbai, and it took them another two hours from Mumbai to Vashi. The Tripura team arrived at Vashi at 6:00 AM on the morning of Sunday,October 24th. At 9:00 AM that morning,they played their first game.
"The boys were really tired,but they still played hard." Unfortunately,the fatigued ultimately showed on the team that was already considered to have been one of the weaker squads in the tournament. Tripura was beaten thoroughly by Pondicherry,51-12. Though dejected,the team refused to be in sour spirits.

Has state govt. thought about Tripura’s basketball future ever? That’s why nobody shows interest in Tripura’s sport. 

In men &women football Tripura at school level had great achievements in international level. Handball and in Yoga Tripura has done pretty well. 


From swimming to Marshal Art and sports star like Pradip Malakar and Jyoti Shankar had brought awards in aesthetics.

Hockey India had asked the president, senior vice president and general secretary of Tripura Hocky in 2014  to immediately submit their resignations after they selected players from outside the state to participate in fourth Sub-Junior Women National Championship (B Division). HI`s disciplinary committee meeting reviewed the selection of these five players who represented Tripura without obtaining NOCs from the national federation. However, what to do without hiring—question arises, as in Tripura sports was never taken as a serious issue and that’s why the subject called Physical Education was  never given importance in anytime. 

But with few credits to be given to Dipa Karmakar state govt. wants to display their sympathy for the players of the state. 

In Tripura’s interior schools so many talents in football or other games can be dug out, but who cares for Tripura sport-starts?

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