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Water scarcity looms large in the interior areas
Water scarcity looms large in the interior areas
PHOTO : Water scarcity hits rural Tripura. TIWN Pic Nov 25

AGARTALA, Nov 25 (TIWN): In this age of golden era, clean, safe drinking water are still a scarce. Most of the tribal hamlets including the areas of Jumpuijala area are still facing the crisis of water.

Besides, recently the tribal villagers in the rural areas are witnessed to be suffering from water borne diseases, with collecting of water from nearby polluted rivers, small brooks and streams, small fountains and other minor water bodies that consist of major pollutants.

The area is facing an acute crisis of water for last many days.  The people of this area walk a few kilometers in search of water  every day. Especially, the woman of this village carries 4 to 5 heavy pots over their head and fetches water from the wells and the brooks. 

As water supply from the public water tap is unpredictable, the women are witnessed waiting in long queue for collecting water from the public water tap. Sometimes water pressure dips so low that they return with an empty bucket.

Reportedly, scarcity of water has bound them to drink contaminated water from the small stream and brooks.

Eruption of water borne disease and diarrhea are most common during dry spell in remote tribal localities.

The areas are mostly tribal dominated. The villagers, mostly from indigenous origin, manage their stock of drinking water by digging holes inside the hilly craters, allowing spaces to be filled with the dripping water. However this has now given birth to the water borne diseases with most of the tribal people suffering from diarrhea, malaria and other water borne diseases

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