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Advancing society shifting human paradigms: Weak social bondings breaking families
TIWN Nov 24, 2016
Advancing society shifting human paradigms: Weak social bondings breaking families
PHOTO : A groom returning articles to Court at Kamalpur. TIWN Pic Nov 24

KAMALPUR, Nov 24 (TIWN): At this period of eye-flashing technological advancements society gets in witnessing rapid progress. The rate of advancement in recent periods also becomes faster. And generations advances quite rapidly. As a result, life becomes faster. But at the same time, the thread of relationship among people also weakens.

The fact might seem a bit contradictory to many people. But it really becomes a fact and concern at present. The conventional and traditional life style that still prevails here in our state comes before a crucial point. The saga of joint family has become obsolete from last decade. And now the notion of nuclear family is at stake. It has already been proven that the unity and relationships have turned weak and feeble. The child of the nuclear family scarcely gets time to look after the parents and many cases have fixed up with judiciary.

But more dangerously the notion of family has come under risk. In different courts in the state numerous divorce cases have been filed. And after tireless efforts of judiciary, counselling and efforts of mitigation families break up in maximum cases. The groom.and his family returns the marry-time things. Maintenance also remain irregular. And every time, the distance increases. Two families which once have tied into the bondage of a life time, get detached for ever. The children also suffer due to this detachment. And by ones and twos a generations would grow which would have no value of tender feelings and relationships.

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