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Tollywood stars now joined in ‘Tripura Bi-Election War’ : Crowd amassed at Barjala village to see stars, take selfies with ‘Outsiders’
TIWN Nov 15, 2016
Tollywood stars now joined in ‘Tripura Bi-Election War’ : Crowd amassed at Barjala village to see stars, take selfies with ‘Outsiders’
PHOTO : Satabdi, Shom arrived Agartala. TIWN Pic Nov 15

AGARTALA, Nov 15 (TIWN): BJP in its last elections had tried a lot to attract the masses by inviting various stars as Babul Supriyo, Rupa Ganguli like figures and they achieved successfully to gather thousands of public on road where they cheered up by listening Babul Supriyo’s ‘Kahona Peyar Hai Songs’ and to see Rupa Ganguli, but when election result came it was just pathetic. However, inspiring from Mamata Banerjee's policy Tripura Trinamool has invited Sohom Chakraborty and Satabdi Roy (also an MP) and public are just running to see them in rallies, taking photos, selfies, but the main question which remains is how far they will be helpful to increase the vote bank of Trinamool in that mentioned constituency. CPI-M never invites film stars but everytime the party evenafter much corruption, misdeeds--- anyhow comes in power with massive votes, which has however left an example of correctly played political diplomacy. From Airport the guests were received with pomp and gaiety and taking Barjala candidate Prakash Das with Sohom and Satabdi, the TMC kicked off a massive rally from there to Barjala area including Lankamura, Hatimara and other areas.

But inquiry which needs to be done—how far they can gather votes for TMC at Barjala election. Bi-election, which is to be held on Nov 19 is the prime focus of political parties in Tripura and after Nov 19 everything will be cleared. 

Challenging the CPI-M almost all the political parties had declared their candidates names for this bi-election although TMC MLA Sudip Barman asked all other political parties not to declare any candidates names for this bi-election, expressing worries that it may weaken Anti-CPI-M vote banks. But Congress, BJP rejecting his proposal, are now trying their best to win the bi-election.

The bi-poll was announced in Barjala constituency, after Congress MLA Jiten Sarkar had resigned from his MLA post to join CPI-M. However, after completing door to door campaigning the Trinamool had announced about Rezzak Mollah and Mukul Roy’s visit on Sunday in Tripura for election campaigning and on Tuesday two Tollywood stars came in state in this regard.

After Congress MLA Jiten Sarkar had resigned from his MLA post to join CPI-M, from that time the seat has been vacant against which now bi-poll will be held. On the other hand at Khowai, CPI-M MLA Samir Deb Sarkar who passed away on August 28 last and left his seat vacant. 

Thus poll is to be held for his vacant post : From CPI-M Jhumu Sarkar (for Barjala) & Biswajit Datta (for Khowai) have been selected as the candidate.  From Trinamool Prakash Das (for Barjala) & Manoj Das (for Khowai) were selected as candidates. From Congress Rajendra Kumar Das (for Barjala)  & Pranab Biswash (for Khowai) are the candidates.From BJP Sista Mohan Das  (for Barjala)  & Tapan Pal (for Khowai) have been selected as the candidate. 

Satabdi Roy (born 5 October 1968) is an Indian actress and politician from West Bengal. She has been acting since 1986 in the Bengali cinema and serving as a Member of Parliament since 2009---who has arrived in Tripura to boost TMC here. 

Now after Nov 19, who will lead those constituencies, it’s to be seen. 

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