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Commodity price will down following the surgical strike on black money : Tripura BJP President
Commodity price will down following the surgical strike on black money : Tripura BJP President
PHOTO : Pepole crowd at State Bank, Agartala. TIWN Pic Nov 10

AGARTALA, Nov 10 (TIWN): When the state is acutely suffering from high prices behind every commodity, Tripura BJP State President Biplab Deb said, soon the price hike will be downed as the poor people’s money to come back now, with the surgical strike held on black money.

‘I thank Narendra Modi for such a unique step’, said Deb. ‘Long live Nrendra Modi, so that India can experience more magic of you intellect in next decades’.

Biplab Deb also said that  once the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi took a major decisions and after her, Modi has taken such a strong step, although this is even a stronger step in compare to the Gandhi's Era’.

Behind the commodity price reason, Deb said that the daily commodity rate was spiking up as a maximum part of money had gone to black marketers and terrorist fund. Now counter attacking Pakistan, what Modi has done, it will slow down the rapid price hike.

It’s worthy to mention here that with this decision of the Govt the anti-Modi parties are doing as much as possible just to create hatred among common people against Modi after this step, but they have failed as all the bankers, customers are jointly working to help each other.

Modi’s 2 years of blessing has really proven great for India. For example what the state govt here failed to do in its 23 years of regime, Modi has done it in a very short period of time. Modi brought 4 express trains,BG lines and now this step has cheered the people here with a new hope.

Thus Deb said if Modi lives long then his blessing to be showered for more and more in this country.


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