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Tripura illegal 'Gol-Bazar' bank remained open on Wednesday
TIWN Nov 9, 2016
Tripura illegal 'Gol-Bazar' bank remained open on Wednesday
PHOTO : Note-business on peak at Gol-Bazaar. TIWN Pic Nov 9

AGARTALA, Nov 9 (TIWN): Although the left front party members are citicising the Modi govt’s attempt on surgical strike on black money, but under left front era in Tripura illegal business are rampant at the capital city.

TIWN recorded how a man is buying old notes of Indian currency from customers and returning a ‘Fresh’ of the half of that amount.

However, this picture at Golbazar is nothing new and he is a widely popular businessmen at there.

Suppose someone has given him 10 rupees old note which has become useless in market; but he takes the money and returns Rs. 5/- to the customer.

Then he goes to bank and takes fresh notes.

His business at Gol bazaar has been running since many years, but nobody takes any action against him, TIWN reported.


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