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Flood sidelined due to election in Tripura
TIWN Nov 7, 2016
Flood sidelined due to election in Tripura
PHOTO : Flood at Srilankabasti & Baldakhal area. TIWN Pic Nov 7

AGARTALA, Nov 7 (TIWN): Election has become more important than the emergency situations in Tripura as broadcasting of flood details has become tough for media with none of the Govt officials are giving proper data about flood refugees and relief camps.

Source said that this is happening because of election and unnecessary tension ahead of election may increase with the flood issue.

On the other hand, Howrah river is continuing its damages and the number of flood refugees have been tripled in compare to Sunday and also increased the number of relief camps.

Apart from Agartala many other places are facing flood like situations, but Chief Minister is silent about the flood issue. 

Moreover, CPI-M is celebrating its November revolution day across the state, but nobody has interest to visit or donate something for the flood victims. 

Govt has however deployed many rescue teams in this regard, but tension has gripped the river bank areas people. 

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