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TAKS placed deputation to DM West
TIWN Nov 7, 2016
TAKS placed deputation to DM West
PHOTO : TAKS placed deputation to DM. TIWN Pic Nov 7

AGARTALA, Nov 7 (TIWN): Tripura Auto-Rikshaw Karmi Samiti (TAKS) placed deputation to West DM Millind Ramteke with 5 charter points of demands.

As per their demands :

1.     To make TAKS’s office room and parking zone at Nagerjala, Radhanagar, Old Motor Stand, Chnadrapur and other places as same as CITU has its offices,

2.     CITU has occupied the sheds of public at various bus stations and that has to be stopped,

3.     To stop the increasing tortures upon TAKS members by CITU members,

4.     As per the particular route, like other unions, TAKS also would like travel by those routes---- in this issue TAKS members wanted the interference of the DM,

5.     More two CNG stations, need to be set at Agartala or nearby that place. 


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