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Encroachment of footpath disrupts the smooth movement of pedestrian
Encroachment of footpath disrupts the smooth movement of pedestrian
PHOTO : Footpath vendors continue to encroach City streets. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 30 (TIWN): Despite of placing several complain regarding encroachment of footpath issue by the traders, the concern authority is yet playing role of silent spectators.

Reportedly, though the people have been complaining for prolonged many days, no initiatives has been yet taken place resulting the pedestrians to walk on the road risking their life.

Pedestrians complained that the shopkeepers and the vendors have been encroached upon the footpaths of the city from Post Office Choumuhani to Motorstand and also on the Battala bridge area leading harassment for the people.

The shopkeepers and the vendors extended their shop till the footpath area which creates problem in the smooth movement of the pedestrians and vehicle.

The problem does not end here, parking of bikes and cycle on both the sides of the road in the main city and also in some parts of the Battala.

Almost every day the road witness causalities due to accident in the area particularly as pedestrian are forced to walk on road due to encroached footpaths by the garments store, hotels and fast food stall owners.

It seems that authorities had always put blind eye towards the encroached footpaths and wait until strong resentment is not delivered to make their eyes open and take actions towards encroachment in the city.

However, the unorganized parking of bike and by-cycles and encroachment of footpaths are issue from prolonged many days but the concern authority is playing mum role.

On the other hand, some of the shopkeepers dump garbage near the footpath creating unhygienic and dirty surrounding.

Heaps of junk articles, clothes, displaying of banners and other articles has made the footpath almost invisible, creating inconvenience for pedestrians.

It is quite unfortunate that no one from authorities have launched anti-encroachment drive here against the vendors and shopkeepers encroaching the road and footpath by extending their shops.

However, the locals claimed to take strict action against the issue so that the pedestrians can move without any hassle.​
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