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Mandai wins the best village title
Mandai wins the best village title
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AGARTALA/JIRANIA June 26 (TIWN): Central Ministry of Rural Department has awarded the title of best village to Mandai under west district of Tripura. Mandai has won the re-award of golden village in the nation. With all the facility of financial establishment, 100 percent bank account of the villagers, dispatch of salary through bank account, providing allowance through ADHAAR card, Scientific system of sanitation, facility of housing under Indira Abaas Yogona, improved health facility for the children and the mother, with all this development and facilities Mandai village of Tripura under West distinct won the re-ward of golden village and secured first position in the nation.

Efforts have been made for the empowerment of women and increasing security in the village. Some of the facilities provided includes: local mineral water supply, sewer & drainage project, a healthcare centre, banking facilities.

Once a hub of terrorism today turns out to be the best village, with all the facility of proper infrastructure and transportation facility.

There are 2 Primary Health centres in the village along with a Gramin hospital. It is also to be mentioned that all the houses in the village have the electricity connection. There is total population of 927 including 486 females and 441 males and every person is facilitated with basic necessities of life, said village chairman Budhi Debbarma.

He further said that there are 5 Anganwadi centres in 5 parts of the village and the entire Anganwadi centre re-running well with regular intervention program.

Mandai Village life is usually free from the chaos and pandemonium that is so prevalent in the cities. It is the tranquility, serenity and calmness offered by the village life that is enchanting. The people in the Mandai villages in primarily poor who make their living through agriculture and other small scale and cottage industries and are dependent on nature and other human forces to a great extent. Along with numerous small and big grass fields, several rivers, chirping of birds, the big and clear blue sky give a mesmerizing and bewitching effect to the Mandai villages.

Ever since the country's independence from the British rule in 1947, the economy of the nation has banked upon its agrarian society. A majority of the persons living in Mandai have involved themselves in agriculture and associated industries, and have thus made the country the quickest developing world economy. The Mandai village is hope to people of different castes and creeds which rightly demonstrates the principles of 'Unity in Diversity'. Mandai village life is fully relied on agriculture and innate all over the land. 



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