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Daily Labour Union organizes rally at Agartala
 Daily Labour Union organizes rally at Agartala
PHOTO : CITU rally ended at Rabindra Bhavan. TIWN Pic April 4

AGARTALA, April 4 (TIWN): Daily Labour Union under the banner of CITU organized a rally regarding their five point charter of demands and submitted a deputation to the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, here today.

  The rally started from Agartala Press Club and travelled through various routes of the city. The demands are: to provide shelter to the Daily labours, to provide insurance to the daily labours, to increase the wages of the daily labours etc.

Addressing in the rally Member of Parliament Shankar Prasad Dutta said that there is a powerful clash between the working class and people on the one side, and the big bourgeoisie on the other, over the orientation of the economy. Should the economy be oriented as it is today with the sole motive of ensuring maximum profits for the Indian and foreign monopolies, through maximum exploitation and plunder? Or should it be reoriented so that it fulfills the growing needs of the people?

Side by side with this, a powerful clash is developing over the very question of democracy.

People are increasingly demanding that those who decide the fate of our country must be accountable to us, the voters.  People, are demanding a say in major decisions that affect our lives, our livelihood and our rights.  Those in positions of power are refusing to let go of their monopoly over the decision-making process, he mentioned.

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