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IPFT plans secret strategy for ADC election; “Twipra land for whose interest ?” asks Bijan Dhar
IPFT plans secret strategy for ADC election; “Twipra land for whose interest ?” asks Bijan Dhar
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo :IPFT agitation for Twipraland at Agartala

AGARTALA, April 4 (TIWN): The Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), an open political organization of the outlawed NLFT outfit, which let loose blood bath annihilating several hundred people, both Bengalis and tribals, for more than a decade in Tripura today talking to TIWN said that the IPFT has a strategy for ADC election but cannot be said here likewise. However such a statement of the IPFT President N. C. Debbarma has triggered a series of questions behind “Secret Strategy” remark. Because, the IPFT is now on a long run to succeed the demand of the “Twipra land” by any means during the ADC election. And besides, the remark “Secret Strategy” takes up the probability of terror in the ADC areas in wake of the ADC election, as earlier similar incident had already occurred at Khowai along the bordering areas where the wire fencing was found cut with the locals alleged that some of the militant from NLFT along with IPFT leaders were found at the spot. The police at Khowai has also an information that the tribal youths held a meeting at nearby area after the fence was found cut.

However, talking to TIWN on the issue of the “Twipra land” CPI (M) state secretary Bijan Dhar said that this substantial progress of the state is the eyesore of the forces of vested interest. Having starved of befitting issues to oppose the Left Front government‘s pro-people programme, particularly when election to the TTAADC is scheduled for early next year, IPFT under the leadership of Harinath Debbarma and N C Debbarma have raised this ‘Twipra Land’ demand which is a parochial, divisive approach and a consonance of the ‘Swadhin Tripura’ demand of the secessionist extremist outfits. This is also dangerous plot against ethnic harmony prevalent in the state as well as against the amicable relations among the inter-communities of various tribal clans in the state.

CPIM State Secretary Bijan Dhar talking to media at Melarmath. TIWN File Photo

Beside on the side line another issue Dhar said that how come the IPFT or the INPT demand for the “Twipra land” and “inner line permit” in the ADC area and make it the prime issue for the tribals of the state, when the CPI (M) and the non tribals has been raising their voice against the central govt.’s policy and for the rights of the tribals. Therefore it is nothing but an initiative of the tribal parties to separate the tribals and the non tribals in the state.

Besides, the demand of the “inner-line permit” is acceptable as it is there in the 6th schedule of the constitution, but it is difficult to implement here in the state. The Left front govt. has withdrawn the inner line permit system from the ADC areas of the state because of the infiltration problem.

However, it mentionable here that IPFT which is known as a hardliner party and often blamed for its alleged soft stance on extremist movements is clearly trying to woo the tribal society after years of political isolation. The party or its rival, Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (INPT), an ally of Congress, hitherto failed to put any challenge to CPI (M) in tribal areas.

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