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Mother punished her 8-Year-Old son by strangling him to Death, Said, ‘My son turned me Mad’
TIWN June 10, 2024
Mother punished her 8-Year-Old son by strangling him to Death, Said, ‘My son turned me Mad’
PHOTO : Mother kills own son in Agartala, Jaynagar. TIWN Pic June 10, 2024

AGARTALA, June 10 (TIWN): In a shocking report, a mother accepted guilt of killing her son but came up with reasons behind the cause of murder. The horrifying incident has sparked tension in capital city Agartala's populated area in Jaynagar on Monday evening. Police teams rushed to the spot after the incident was reported. Accused Suprabha Goyala, W/O-Ram Goyala was residing in a rented house in Agartala Jaynagar with her son. She is a daily worker by profession and has two children. Her daughter is married and her husband lives mostly in Kailashahar. Talking to TIWN photojournalist, the accused said, “I have killed my son by strangling. He was excessively disobedient. He also used to steal money from home. A lot of complaints come against him almost every day to me. I am just fed up with him. He turned me mad!”

http://Also Watch TIWN YouTube Video for Accused Mother’s guilt-acceptance before media.

Talking to the house owner’s wife, she said, “I never saw such terrible scenery in my whole life. She was in my room for a while before the incident, and when she returned, soon I heard screaming of her son. She was beating him heavily. I was knocking the door but she did not open. After a while, a person came and asked me whether she was at home or not. I said, I do not know. Soon, the man started screaming and when I reached, found, she was sitting beside her son’s dead body and a rope was kept beside.”

Now Watch TIWN YouTube Video for House owner’s statement

TIWN YouTube Video to hear from Police official

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