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Lok Sabha Poll : Two Polling Personnel suspended ; 2 miscreants were arrested in Agartala
TIWN April 19, 2024
Lok Sabha Poll : Two Polling Personnel suspended ; 2 miscreants were arrested in Agartala
PHOTO : RO Vishal Kumar addressing media. TIWN Pic April 19, 2024

AGARTALA, April 19 (TIWN): On Friday morning, two polling personnel were suspended and two miscreants were arrested for violating and disturbing the polling rules, said Returning Officer Vishal Kumar. "In maximum places, peaceful election is being conducted. But in some places, disturbances happened and also voters were retrained to cast votes. We have taken action wherever the allegation is true. So far two polling personnel were suspended and also two persons were arrested. Actions are underway against all poll vilations," said Vishal Kumar. Click TIWN YouTube Link, RO Vishal Kumar's statement.

Opposition Polling agent alleged rigging in Lok Sabha poll. West Tripura I.N.D.I.A. candidate Asish Saha alleged attacks on Polling agents.

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha cast vote on Lok Sabha election day. CM appealed to everyone to cast votes. The Lok Sabha poll started from morning 7 am. However, the opposition alleged, their polling agents were thrown out of the polling stations. Reacting to the allegation, CM said, it was unexpected and everyone should cast a vote. CM further asserted he doubts whether such incidents happened or not because he can see people rowed up to cast votes.

Tripura BJP President Rajib Bhattacharjee rubbished the allegation raised by CPI-M, Congress leaders about attacks on their polling agents.

“The CPI-M and Congress were enemies and now they are alliance. Public rejected them and that’s why they are saying all these,” said Bhattacharjee.

Today West Tripura Lok Sabha poll is being conducted and on April 26, the East Tripura Poll will be held.

Along with the Lok Sabha poll, today Ramnagar by-poll is also being conducted.

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