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Public lives affected in storm across Bishramganj
TIWN April 18, 2024
Public lives affected in storm across Bishramganj
PHOTO : An Anganwadi school was affected due to storm. TIWN Pic April 18, 2024

BISHRAMGANJ, April 18 (TIWN): After heavy storms on Thursday morning, many families were affected.

People’s houses were partially damaged in the Chechrimai area.

An Anganwadi employee said, “Thankfully it was not school time when this storm came. Election pillar has fallen and there were risks of power-related accidents. Our school was badly damaged which could lead to a major accident.”

“We came with vegetables but the road is blocked as nobody is clearing the path. A big tree collapsed. We are stranded on the road,” said a vehicle driver.

“My husband was injured last month and he is undergoing treatment. We are in financial trouble and yesterday my home was damaged due to a storm. I don’t know what to do,” said a housewife, breaking into tears.

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