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170 Voters Join Congress in Sonamura
TIWN Dec 2, 2023
170 Voters Join Congress in Sonamura
PHOTO : Congress's joining program in Sonamura. TIWN Pic Dec 2, 2023

AGARTALA, Dec 2 (TIWN): 170 voters from 37 families joined Congress party in Sonamura on Saturday.

The joining program was held in the presence of Congress State President Asish Saha.

Talking to media, Asish Saha said, “It is unfortunate that a corporate is ruling the state. This state is at the stake of being sold off. You must have observed, a candidate was nominated in exchange for money and it was alleged by  the party’s own former MLA”.

“In this state, the BJP party leadership is given to the rich candidates and for that people who are involved in illegal activities are becoming party leaders”, said Asish Saha referring how BJP Mandal President was arrested for extortion and smuggling related incidents.

Saha said, Congress is hopeful not only in this state but across India the party is emerging strongest opponent to defeat the BJP.

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