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HC hits state govt. again; Division bench asks govt. to submit report within 8 weeks on deprivation of employee emoluments
Banshi R Saha
HC hits state govt. again; Division bench asks govt. to submit report within 8 weeks on deprivation of employee emoluments
PHOTO : Tripura High Court. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, January 28 (TIWN): High Court of Tripura (HC) has again delivered a blow to the state government. And this time the issue is state govt. employees emoluments. No wonder that the state govt employees are getting one of the lowest salaries in the country as per available data. Meanwhile, in the last year a case was filed by Souvik Bardhan (A govt of Tripura employee) in the High Court of Tripura on the issue of salaries of govt of Tripura employees. Earlier the single bench of Justice Swapan Das had rejected the case remarking that the case is too broad and elaborative that it can not be decided by this bench. Thereafter, a writ petition was filed in the HC’s division bench comprising of Justice Subhasis Talapatra and Chief Justice Deepak Gupta. The division bench has now accepted the case of employee emoluments and has issued notice to the state government to give reply within next 8 weeks.

Nevertheless, the state govt is, fallaciously, uttering the tales of deprivation by the finance commissions. Opposition, media and employee leaders have number of times proven that the govt. is deliberately befooling the employees of the state but the stubbornness of the govt. seems more significant than the justified and proven statements.

Moreover, using logical facts and figures it has been stated again and again that if the state government desires it can blissfully end all the demands of the employees as the salary and pension head come under committed expenditure. Not only this, the matter of fact is that whatever salary and allowances will be paid by the government, the central government would reimburse the same amount, totally. And the same subsequently would have infused more money to the economy of the state. But all these denote that left government is not interested to enrich the state and its people for the sake of its narrow political dictums.

Prior to that, the same case was raised in the HC on last January 8, 2014. And then the case had obtained a ‘representative’ nature which means if the court gives verdict in favor of the Mr. Souvik the benefit would be possessed by not only Mr. Souvik but all the concerned persons or sections including pensioners too.
The sequence of the incidences regarding the aforesaid matter dates back to the year 2013 and the same was informed by the petitioner Souvik Bardhan to this correspondent. An employee of state government’s legal metrology department Mr. Bardhan has informed that at first a representation was made to the Secretary (Finance) before October 31, 2013, much ahead of the Pay Finance Commission (FC) recommendation.
And the same was done by Mr. Bardhan so that the government can not take a stand and remark that it was unaware of the issue of employee pay and perks.
And to add to that the same was related to Pay Review committee (constituted by state government). “I had officially but individually informed the government so that they can not befool and cheat us through pay review recommendations by paying less”, said Mr. Bardhan.  
“We had gone to the Chief Minister too and urged him better you do not provide any salary to us but no reply was made and they became mum on the issue”, further added Mr. Souvik.  The government also raised a question on the legal status of Mr. Souvik’s query and demands. “My lawyers had advised me that if you just keep on saying increase my salary it would not serve any purpose but you have to furnish some facts and figures with acceptable logic and circumstances and thereafter I had collected various data regarding price index, government of India reports, other state’s salary system including gratuity ceiling and such others and presented those before the HC.”, Mr. Souvik further informed.   

According to some anticipated estimations, once the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission gets implemented, the Group-D level employees will be getting more than the Additional Secretary level officers (Senior TCS officers).Now that is neither bizarre nor pathetic, because the quantitative effect of state government employees in vote bank would not create an adverse impact in CPI (M)’s ballot box.  

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