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Basanti Puja Day-3 : Maha Navami puja observed with full devotion
TIWN March 30, 2023
Basanti Puja Day-3 : Maha Navami puja observed with full devotion
PHOTO : Maha Navami puja observed at Agartala Durga Bari. TIWN Pic March 30, 2023

AGARTALA, April 2 (TIWN): Tripura on Thursday observed Navami, ninth day of Basanti Puja with pomp and gaiety. This day is also known as Navami Puja (for Bengalis) and prayers were offered to Basanti Durga Goddess.

In Agartala, like every year Basanti puja was observed in Agartala Durga Bari.

According to Mythology, Basanti puja started in prehistoric times when the Indian saints started celebration of the festival in this season for peace.  At that time the goddess had asked the saints to worship her in the form of Kumari or virgin who later grows to mother and hence this ritual started.  It is believed that King Surath and Samadhi Vaishya met Medha Muni while they were wandering in the forests after losing their kingdoms. Medha Muni suggested to them to perform Basanti Durga Puja to get back their lost kingdoms. 

Goddess Durga symbolises women’s internal strength, win of Good over Evil. She is also the universal mother of the each living being on earth.

The four-day-long Basanti Puja which is held in Spring season is as same as Durga puja in Autumn, and infact it is said that Basanti Puja is the real Durga puja since ancient times though it has lost popularity and the main celebration was shifted to the Autumn season since Lord Rama had worshipped Durga Goddess before a battle during Autumn season.

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