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Two Ganja Loaded Trucks were Seized by Churaibari Police
TIWN Aug 28, 2022
Two Ganja Loaded Trucks were Seized by Churaibari Police
PHOTO : Ganja packets seized by Police. TIWN Pic Aug 28, 2022

AGARTALA, Aug 28 (TIWN): ‘Nesha Mukt Tripura’ slogan so far seems practically impossible with huge quantity of drugs being smuggled everyday whereas a little amount can be caught by Police.

Reportedly, in two separate search operations which were conducted by two police stations, Assam and Tripura police recovered about one ton of cannabis from two lorries at two police stations at around 2 pm on Saturday.

At first Niranjan Das, in-charge of Assam Churaibari outpost searched the car numbered PB01AN-5971. A total of 700 kg of ganja was recovered from the fruit trays in 35 packets of 20 kg. The in-charge said that the black market value of which is around seventy lakh rupees. Meanwhile, the driver Hemraj Singh (27) and the co-driver Santosh Kumar (22) have been detained and a case has been registered under the NDPS Act and their investigation is continuing. Their driver's home is in Uttar Pradesh and co-driver's home is in Rajasthan. The driver said that he was taking these ganja from Agartala to Shillong for Rs.1 lakh.

On the other hand, similarly, the Tripura Churaibari police station, on the basis of some information, intercepted a rubber-laden lorry bearing number HP31C-5226 and recovered about 400 kg of ganja inside the rubber shed. In this case too, driver Sridhar Srikanth (35) and co-driver Anil Kumar (43) have been arrested. The home of the arrested two is in Himachal Pradesh. Churaibari police have filed a case against them under the NDPS Act.

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