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Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman had an ‘unofficial’ meeting with DGP
TIWN Aug 18, 2022
Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman had an ‘unofficial’ meeting with DGP
PHOTO : Congress MLA Sudip Barman came out of the Police HQ after meeting DGP. TIWN Pic Aug 18, 2022

AGARTALA, Aug 18 (TIWN): Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman on Thursday met DGP Amitabha Ranjan which was according to Barman an ‘unofficial’ meeting. After meeting the DGP, Sudip Barman said, they know each other for a long time and after Amitabha Ranjan became the DGP of Tripura, it was his first meeting with him. During the meeting, issues were raised about the ongoing attacks on Congress and other opposition parties, and various crimes.

Barman also confirmed media that Jirania SDPO had delivered a wrong information to the DGP that recently in the brutal attack on Sudip Barman, the attacker did not target him personally but the stone hit him during the clash. However, Sudip Barman told the actual matter to the DGP and complained that the entire attack took place in front of the SDPO and the BJP goons in front of police held face to face attack on Congress and Sudip Barman was also intentionally targeted.

Barman stated that he is hopeful that the DGP will take control of the law and order very soon. 

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