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Theft incident occurred at Radha Krishna in Udaipur, Brahmabari
TIWN July 28, 2022

AGARTALA, July 28 (TIWN): Thief incident occurred at holy temple of Radha Krishna in Udaipur Brammabari area. It is learned that the temple authorities came to the temple on Thursday morning and found all the belongings of the Radha Krishna temple in disarray. The group of thieves took away the prasad plates, bowls and sound systems that were given to Radha and Krishna.

Later, police from the police station went to the temple after receiving news and spoke to the temple authorities and started investigating the theft incident.

Reportedly, five days ago from today money was stolen from the Donation box in same manner. The temple authorities are living in fear due to the constant theft of the religious place.

The theft incidents one after another have spread a lot of excitement in Brahmabari area.

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