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Law and order under Q-Mark : Thieves looted shop in Airport area, Agartala
TIWN July 27, 2022
Law and order under Q-Mark : Thieves looted shop in Airport area, Agartala
PHOTO : Thieves looted shop in Airport area, Agartala. TIWN Pic July 27, 2022

AGARTALA, July 27 (TIWN): Increasing theft incidents day after day in state at same time the addiction towards drugs is growing by leaps. Daring theft incident occurred last night in Gandhigram area under Airport Police Station. A group of thieves looted a local grocery store late on Tuesday night in Airport Sahapara area and the theft incident came to notice on Wednesday morning.

The shop owner Abhijit Saha S/o- Ravi Saha noticed on Wednesday that main door of his shop was broken, many items looted by thieves and around Rs 3000-4000 taken from the cash box. After noticing the incident the shop owner informed the matter to the Airport police station, after receiving the information, the police came to the scene and investigated the incident and took a written complaint.

However, a few months ago daring theft incident occurred in same area from a house,  a group of thieves looted Gold Ornaments including cash but the Police could not trace the thieves.

One after another theft cases in same area and the thieves not getting caught generated various questions on the role of Police.

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