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Tripura Clubs gear up for Durga Puja 2022
TIWN July 17, 2022 (Cultural News)
Tripura Clubs gear up for Durga Puja 2022
PHOTO : Chatra Bondhu Club celebrates Khuti Puja, marking the beginning of Durga puja pandal construction. TIWN Pic July 17, 2022

AGARTALA, July 17 (TIWN): As Durga puja is early this year, clubs have started preparations for the festival.

Although Durga puja in the modern era especially by city-rooted clubs is being criticized because of their illegal pressure on the locals for puja donations, still this festival has remained popular because it’s the biggest annual festival for Tripura, West Bengal like states.

On Sunday, the Chatra Bandhu club started the preparations for Durga puja and celebrated the “Khuti Puja”.

Club members told media that their theme is Kailash temple of Illora and the artists are from this state. However, the budget of the Durga puja is not yet decided. 

This year Durga puja will start from October 1st.

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