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Acute drinking water crisis hits rural areas people to face miseries: Locals of Ramakrishnapur ADC village under Mungiakami RD block, Teliamura facing trouble
TIWN July 16, 2022

AGARTALA, July 16 (TIWN): The suffering of hilly areas people from acute drinking water crisis continues. The Political leaders prior to the Poll only gave promises by begging votes that after coming into power all Problems will be resolved but ground reality is after winning the Political leader’s face cannot be seen by rural area’s People. Even today in Hira Era the drinking water crisis has become a curse for hilly areas people. Unlike left era even now under Hira Era too, local people of Ramakrishnapur ADC village under Mungiakami RD block under Teliamura subdivision are facing acute drinking water crisis.

A scene was captured in Journalist’s camera that local people kept buckets, pitchers, drums etc. in front of every house because the only hope in that area is drinking water provided by car. Even though there are supply pipelines in the area they do not always get supply water at the right time, alleged the local people

 Moreover, the water containers placed on the side of the road are not always covered, as a result, it was seen that dogs drink water from uncovered buckets and pitchers to quench the thirst.

This is how the ADC areas people are spending days but the Govt has no intention to solve their problem. 


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