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Deprivation from Basic Facilities Consisting in Tripura ADC areas: Extreme Water Crisis Persists Ramkrishnapur ADC Village
TIWN July 16, 2022 (Public issues)

AGARTALA, July 16 (TIWN): After 75 years of Independence, when India claims to be an advanced nation, in Tripura ADC areas a section of people’s lives are worst than third-world. In Ramakrishnapur ADC Village an extreme water crisis remains a continuous report which is the basic right of a human.

Electricity and roadways would be very luxurious demands for the villagers as they are not even receiving minimum drinking water facilities from the Govt. Such realities would never be covered by mainstream national media but prevail as a part of the indigenous population there.

Ramakrishnapur ADC village falls under Mungiakami block in Teliamura. However, Govt provides them with drinking water that is not sufficient and there is no permanent solution to the water crisis.

Villagers keep their pots for water collection from DWS vehicles as the vehicle has no timetable to arrive. Often those water is drunk by dogs and other animals and then the local people use those polluted water.

Villagers said they want a permanent solution to such water crisis problems. 

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