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No Permanent Solution of 10323 Teachers as per BJP’s 2018 Poll Promise
TIWN July 13, 2022
No Permanent Solution of 10323 Teachers as per BJP’s 2018 Poll Promise
PHOTO : 10323 teachers' protest (File Photo)

AGARTALA, July 13 (TIWN): Like unemployed youths, State Govt employees, now the 10323 teachers also belong to BJP’s fake promise victim groups. BJP before the 2018 election assured the 10323 teachers to resolve their problems once it comes to power claiming the then ruling Left Govt can never solve their issues related to job uncertainty. BJP assured a constitutional amendment for the 10323 teachers to reappoint or continue the 10323 teachers’ jobs. On the other hand, after coming into power, BJP Govt said to provide alternative jobs to the 10323 teachers. But so far no problem of the 10323 teachers could be solved.

10323 teachers had lost their jobs in Supreme Court’s verdict in 2017, though 10323 teachers claim that not all the teachers were parts of the verdict. On the other side, the terminated teachers alleged they were never made a party where they could place their statement before the court.

Former Left Govt has created 12,000 posts for the 10323 teachers which were challenged by BJP and assured to give a final “permanent” and “better” solution if BJP voted to power.

Back in 2020, on January 27 over 500 terminated teachers were injured in police brutality during a protest reminding BJP Govt to fulfill its promise, taking an 180-degree turn from 2018’s promise. 


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