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Farmers face losses after rain, no help yet received from the Govt
TIWN July 10, 2022
Farmers face losses after rain, no help yet received from the Govt
PHOTO : Farmers face losses after rain. TIWN Pic July 10, 2022

AGARTALA, July 10 (TIWN): Farmers in Tepania Chhataria area under Udaipur sub-division have been severely affected by heavy rains in last few days, but repeatedly the farmers have been deprived of all sorts of helps from the Govt.

Santosh Das, a farmer from Chhataria area, said Udaipur subdivision and the state have been experiencing heavy storms and rains for the last several days. As a result, land of several hundred farmers has been damaged in the Chhataria area.

The area is already known as the main agricultural area in Udaipur sub-division. Farmer Santosh Das said that farmers in the area and adjoining lands have suffered a lot of damage to various veggies. An official of the state government visited the area for a day but did not talk to the farmers. The farmers have made a special request to the state government to extend a helping hand to the farmers so that they can survive by producing agricultural crops on the land again.

Now it remains to be seen what kind of helping hand the Agriculture Department will forward to the farmers. 

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