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Load-Shedding : Mob attacked Jolaibari Power Office
TIWN May 29, 2022 (Urban Affairs, Crime Reporter)
Load-Shedding : Mob attacked Jolaibari Power Office
PHOTO : Mob attack at Jolaibari Power Office. TIWN Pic May 28 (Late Night), 2022

JOLAIBARI, May 29 (TIWN): As an outcome of nightlong loadshedding, a mob attack has occurred in South Tripura. On Saturday night a group of angry people held a severe attack at Jolaibari power office, injuring 1 person.

During power cuts, the locals reportedly called the powerhouse but by getting no response, they organized the attack. The office was vandalized, 1 was injured.

Sources informed, that the miscreants who held the attack belong to the ruling BJP party.

So far nobody has been arrested in this incident, though police would investigate the incident in details.

Powercut problems have caused severe problems in Tripura amid the summer season. Especially, babies, and old people are suffering heavily due to load-shedding. In urban bodies power cut happens 10 to 12 times at least a day and villages regularly go through days, weeklong powercuts often.

The TSECL, which was earlier state run has been privatized but although electricity bills were multiplied thrice, the service has not been developed. 

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