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NEP- 2020 : AIDSO held protest rally in city Agartala
TIWN May 28, 2022
NEP- 2020 : AIDSO held protest rally in city Agartala
PHOTO : AIDSO held protest rally in city Agartala. TIWN Pic May 28, 2022

AGARTALA, May 28 (TIWN): AIDSO held a protest against NEP- 2020 as its anti-people and anti-Education Policy. To raise voice against it All India Committee has called for a 1 crore signature Campaign from 1st May to 28th September and against the Policy the AIDSO country-wide collecting public’s support. An AIDSO leader claimed that they are getting huge public support to success the campaign NEP- 2020.

From the Protest rally the leader claimed that day by day the Quality of Education is being destroyed and opposed the removal of Pass-Fail system up to Class-8. The leader mentioned that adequate amount of teacher should be recruited in the school. The leader opposed the Vidyajyoti Scheme as Rs 1000 should have to be provided to the School.

AIDSO raised its voice against the attack being done in Education System.

Ramprasad Acharya State Secretary of AIDSO have expressed the entire details before the media 

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