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All India DSO staged protest against NEP 2020
TIWN May 28, 2022
All India DSO staged protest against NEP 2020
PHOTO : All India DSO staged protest against NEP 2020. TIWN Pic May 28, 2022

AGARTALA, May 28 (TIWN): All India DSO Tripura State organising committee staged protest against the new Education Policy 2020. The agitators claimed that the new policy on education will lead the upcoming generation into a wrong direction.

While addressing the media one agitator said, "We have taken an initiative of observing a month long protest curriculum across the Country against the new Educational policy that has been brought by Modi government. We've also taken an initiative on 1st May to collect 1 crore signature in a petition against the NEP 2020 by 28 September of this year. This policy includes commercialization, privatisation, communalism, centralisation etc that is completely against the student ethics. This can lead the future generation to a wrong direction."
"We have observed several campaign across the country in this month of May. We, the members of All India Democratic Students organisation strongly condemn this irrelevant educational policy. Our protest will continue against it till the government decides to withdraw the policy," said the agitator.
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