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‘Will give befitting replies if BJP tries to capture Booths in By-Polls’ : Congress
TIWN May 27, 2022
‘Will give befitting replies if BJP tries to capture Booths in By-Polls’ : Congress
PHOTO : BJP goons attacked at Adv Soumik Deb home after Congress leader Sudip Barman entered his home. TIWN Pic May 1, 2022

AGARTALA, May 27 (TIWN): Tripura Congress has warned BJP not even to think about organize rigging in the upcoming by-poll as nobody will be spared. This election will be a crucial election where four constituencies of the Assembly seats to witness the by-poll and vote result will play a remarkable role in the upcoming 2023 Assembly Poll. The previous polls were fully rigged when Biplab Deb was the CM starting from the Lok Sabha poll to the last Municipal poll. This time, the opposition stated it will not tolerate such violent culture, attacks from house to house and booth capturing. Congress leader Sudip Roy Barman has stated that if BJP is thinking that by launching violence it can win the upcoming poll, then it will be a major mistake. Congress also has sought central forces’ deployment during the crucial poll.

Tripura State Election Commission has announced poll-related important dates as the Election Commission had announced Tripura by-poll dates. Nomination submission for the upcoming by-poll is on May 30 and the last date for nomination submission will be on 6th June. The final candidate list will be published on June 9th and the poll date is on 23rd June. Vote counting will be on 26th June.

The four constituencies where by-poll will take place are 1) Agartala 6, 2) Bordowali, 3)Surma and 4) Jubaraj Nagar. 

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