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This month, 5 Terminated Teachers Died in Tripura
TIWN Nov 30, 2021
This month, 5 Terminated Teachers Died in Tripura
PHOTO : Terminated teacher Ratan Kumar Das passed away. TIWN Pic Nov 30, 2021

AGARTALA, Nov 30 (TIWN): 10323 teachers’ death toll has risen to 115 and out of the deaths, 5 deaths happened this month.

All the deaths are connected to a lack of money for better treatment.

10323 teachers lost their jobs as per SC’s order but BJP before the 2018 election promised the 10323 teachers to solve their uncertainty-related problems in their jobs and to make them permanent or reappoint them but as the Govt could not fulfill its promise, so 10323 teachers decided to protest.

On January 27, 2021, over 500 agitating terminated teachers were tortured by Police during a peaceful movement after getting an order from Home Dept for lathi-charge and use of tear gas.

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