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Our last word is ‘Job’ and we will Snatch it : 10323 Teachers
TIWN Nov 29, 2021
Our last word is ‘Job’ and we will Snatch it : 10323 Teachers
PHOTO : 10323 teachers met Education Director. TIWN Pic Nov 29, 2021

AGARTALA, Nov 29 (TIWN): 10323 Teachers today visited the Education Office as the Department did not give any reply to the 10323 teachers’ legal questions yet.

The teachers demanded their individual termination letters as the teachers are terminated without any termination letter.

Agitating teachers said, if by the next 10 days Dept does not give them any reply then 10323 teachers will block roads.

“Our first and last demand is our job. We need a job because it is not our fault that the department did irregularities in 10323 teachers’ recruitment. If the Dept can’t give us a job, we will paralyze the department. We will snatch our jobs”, said Amulya Debbarma, 10323 teachers.  "We need our Jobs and we will snatch it", Says 10323 Teachers. TIWN Video Nov 29, 2021

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