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Tripura BJP won by Massive Rigging
TIWN Nov 28, 2021
Tripura BJP won by Massive Rigging
PHOTO : Tripura BJP won by Massive Rigging. TIWN Pic Nov 28, 2021

AGARTALA, Nov 28 (TIWN): More than half of the population in the voters list could not cast votes in Tripura Municipal Poll. BJP has won by a huge margin.

No CCTV camera, no VVPAT was used in this poll and booth capturing, rigging footage are viral in social media though no action was taken by the police.

As expected, BJP started winning in the AMC Poll after massive rigging, booth capturing, fake vote casting and ‘chappa’ trend, the same method which BJP applied to win previous local body polls and Lok Sabha election in 2019.

State Election Commission has failed to take action against the BJP fake voters, violence organizers amid available video evidence. The fake vote (Chappa) continued after the majority of the voters could not cast votes on 25th November, and returned from the voting centre after they were told, ‘Your vote is cast’. 

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