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Biplab Deb Govt continues attempts to suppress 10323 Teachers' Voice : 'Justice for 10323 Teachers' meeting was stopped by force amid conference room was booked in advance at Rs. 1,500
TIWN Feb 28, 2021
Biplab Deb Govt continues attempts to suppress 10323 Teachers' Voice : 'Justice for 10323 Teachers' meeting was stopped by force amid conference room was booked in advance at Rs. 1,500
PHOTO : Justice for 10323 teachers held meeting. TIWN Pic Feb 26, 2021

AGARTALA, Feb 28 (TIWN): After a fake promise given to the 10323 teachers about a permanent solution, BJP in Tripura has taken U-Turn from its pre-poll promise and is now attempting to stop all types of agitations by the 10323 teachers. Biplab Deb Govt has continued its full attempt to suppress the voice of 10323 teachers in Tripura. It was revealed after the terminated teachers were forced to leave the conference room of TRTC even though they took pre-permissions. The permission was taken in exchange of Rs. 1,500 for 10 am to 5 pm but after a certain time, the conference was stopped by force as the officials started pressuring the Justice for 10323 teachers to end the meeting. Justice for 10323 teachers have condemned this incident. The terminated teachers are unable to hold any protest for 1 month since on January 27, Biplab Deb used police force for barbaric, insane and unprecedented attacks upon the 10323 teachers leaving over 500 injured.

It happened on the 52nd day of protest by 10323 teachers.
The 10323 teachers then moved to the High Court seeking permission for protest but in the middle teachers were seeking permission to protest. At last, they decided to hold protest in ADC areas as the Agartala issue is under Court and Police not cooperating. In this condition, the teachers are now not even allowed to hold meeting for their protest programme which has erupted heavy resentments. 
10323 Teachers have announced Relay Hunger Strike from March 5th in ADC areas in Tripura seeking their jobs back. Talking to the media, Joint Movement Committee's Joint Convener cum Justice for 10323 Teachers President Ajay Debbarma said that they were seeking permission to protest in Agartala for a month from Tripura Police but no permission was given to them which has forced the teachers to decide about Hunger Strike at the ADC.
On being asked about why they are choosing the ADC Areas, Ajay Debbarma replied, "10323 recruitment was such a recruitment where the highest numbers of indigenous people got jobs. Over 3500 tribal families are affected due to the terminations. So, it's fair enough for protesting in ADC, especially when police are not permitting 10323 teachers to protest in Agartala". Ajay Debbarma said, "In the ongoing case at Tripura High Court, it will only give verdict on the Agartala City Centre protest. It may come in our favour or against but our protest space is open for the whole Tripura. We are going to decentralize our protest from town to village across Tripura".  10323 Teachers to go in Hunger Strike from March 5 in ADC. Teacher Ajay Debbarma talks to media. TIWN Video Feb 26, 2021

"When we filed a case in the Supreme Court and State Govt had replied to the notice issued by Supreme Court, it said on 18th June, 2020 that only 462 teachers were affected and on 22nd July's affidavit also, 462 numbers were given as terminated teachers' numbers. When we asked the Education Dept about that, the Dept could not reply but said that it was a Cabinet decision. Such things are quite confusing. Moreover, out of 58 petitions, why 57 petitions were implemented, not 58. Why did one petition remain unimplemented? Till we get answers from the Govt about it, our protest will continue", he said.   
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