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Anxiety grips terminated 10323 Teachers
TIWN Feb 22, 2021
Anxiety grips terminated 10323 Teachers
PHOTO : Justice for 10323 teachers held meeting. TIWN Pic Feb 22, 2021

AGARTALA, Feb 22 (TIWN): When high-profile politicians and main-stream media are busy to glorify themselves with power and TRP, Tripura's 10323 teachers' devastated faces raise questions, where the "humanity '' is existing that a party has so desperately forgotten its promise on 'humanity' after using them for vote banks ?

Justice for 10323 Teachers organization today held a meeting at Red Cross Society hall but the teachers faces would bring tears to the media persons eyes who were taking their statements.

On the one side, teachers are struggling for existence and to earn minimum to support the family and on the other side, responsbility for protests and movements. But Tripura Govt has no concern after their voices of the 10323 teachers were supressed by brutal police attacks on them.

However, amid all such situations, the 10323 teachers said that they will continue their protest and now will decentralzie their protest from town to village to hills. 

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