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Kamalpur : Police seized valid diesel : Now facing problem for hyper-activeness
Kamalpur : Police seized valid diesel : Now facing problem for hyper-activeness
PHOTO : Seized vehicle with diesel at Kamalpur Police Station. TIWN Pic Nov 13

KAMALPUR, Nov 13 (TIWN): Kamalpur police is now facing a strange problem as with hyper-activeness they seized diesel brought for different mobile towers with valid documents. And after three days’ keeping the diesel with the vehicle in the PS, now the owner is demanding for the loss incurred to his business.

In recent times, police at Kamalpur has become hyper active against the bikes  and vehicles with the registration from the states other than Tripura. In fact the hyper activeness of the SDPO has increased so-much that the bike owners and riders sometimes feel that their possession of bikes is some kind of illegal matter.

However, the activity of police being mysteriously calmed down against the illicit liquour or contrabands sellers. In such a hyper-activeness, the SDPO seized 1800 litres of diesel from the house of some Apan Das s/o- Shital Das of Bamancherra area. Apan produced documents that clearly proved that, the diesel was for different mobile towers of the subdivision and he bought and stored the diesel with prior permission from the Govt. Still the SDPO seized the diesel with vehicle no. TR-04-A-1803 and kept it in the PS till now. When the SDPO became sure about the authenticity then he requested the owner to take back the diesel. But the owner is now asking about the loss of three days incurred to him by the atrocities of the police. Police is really finding it tough to mitigate the dilemma.


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