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Gopal Roy asked Biplab Deb to ‘Go Back’ to Delhi
TIWN March 14, 2020
Gopal Roy asked Biplab Deb to ‘Go Back’ to Delhi
PHOTO : Gopal Roy addressing media. TIWN Pic March 13, 2020

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, March 14 (TIWN): “You go back to Delhi and let us form our Tripura”, said Gopal Roy to Tripura’s incumbent Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

The reaction from Gopal Roy came after a 22 years old girl’s burnt body was found in Mohanpur followed by Police’s inactive role since she was missing.

Gopal Roy said, this is the actual situation of the state although International Women’s Day was celebrated massively in this state.

He further put light on the poverty, hunger, lack of MGNREGA works across rural and urban bodies.

Gopal Roy said, the slogan has to be popularized which says, “Biplab Hatao, Tripura Bachao”.

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