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Duckling distribution programmes continue in Rudrasagar area by State Govt
TIWN Sep 11, 2019
Duckling distribution programmes continue in Rudrasagar area by State Govt
PHOTO : PC : Right Narrative at Rudrasagar area, Melaghar.

AGARTALA / MELAGHAR, Sep 11 (TIWN): Tripura Govt led by Chief Minister Biplab Deb has continued Duckling-distribution programmes in the Rudrasagar area, which has come under national media limelight now.

Journalist Gunja Kapoor from ‘Right Narrative’ has done an economic survey of the duck-rearing tradition started by CM Biplab Deb aimed to strengthen rural economy at there.

She spotted these ducks are imported from Vietnam.

It can be noted here that Vietnamese duck meat to be shipped abroad. Founded in 2004, Mavin Group is one of few Vietnamese enterprises that have successfully implemented the “From Farm to Table” supply chain, and was also one of the first food firms in Vietnam to implement a highly automated system in all the production processes.

The media person appreciating Govt’s move said that Nalchar Municipality also cultivate ducks. Then she talked to the local people who are rearing ducks. Also a duckling distribution programme was going on beside.

All the beneficiaries are women. Talking to the beneficiaries, they thanked Chief Minister Biplab Deb for this move and giving them this economic support.

A lady Mumpi Das said that they can sell eggs and also feed their children quality eggs now.

The programme organizers, Govt officials stated, this duckling distribution programme comes under empowering women which is the dream of Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

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